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Work Your Abs the Right Way

Do you ever feel like your ab workouts are useless? Sure, they feel tough, but are they really attacking the right areas? Do you ever feel like you’re just exhausting your hips while experiencing lower back pain more than anything? If so, then you’re doing it all wrong!

To really get the most out of your abdominal exercises, you have to set yourself up in the right position first! If you watch the beginning of the video closely, my rib cage was flared out & my back was extended, which forces my hips to get into a position widely known as “anterior pelvic tilt” (a common postural deficiency with many people). Most people do their ab exercises in this position, which is not ideal because now your abdominal muscles are starting out in a lengthened/stretched position, making it tough to properly engage/contract in order to stabilize the rest of the body during the exercise, especially within the lower back. This is where most people experience low back pain and the engagement of the hips instead of their abs due to overcompensation.

To avoid this (example in video ?), tuck your ribs down as hard as you can, flatten out your lower back into the ground as hard and you can, & squeeze the flutes together so that your hips roll back in a “posterior pelvic tilt.” From here, you are good to perform your ab workouts pain free! Enjoy! 

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