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This is Alpha Athletics

This is us. This is why we are the premier source for sports performance training in Orange County. Excellence Is Within Us.


The Alpha Athletics Difference

Through the Functional Movement Screening Protocol and our Performance Enhancement Specialization  we make sure every one of our athletes gets exactly what they need and nothing they don’t. From functionality and strength to power and regeneration, our passionate and experienced coaches build lasting relationships with our athletes based on trust and results.  Whether you play volleyball, basketball, football, or follow a different passion, the specialized Strength and Conditioning programming, combined with knowledgeable and experienced coaching, Alpha Athletics can help you take your performance to the next level.

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To compete at the highest level, our clients need that explosive POWER.  We develop this through proper training techniques and world-class nutrition programs to ensure success.


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We believe in doing what’s right.  To become a better version of You, we must train and live functionally.  Our coaches are the best around in functional and proper movement.


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Through the FMS protocol, we can uncover potential risks and correct them before they happen! We have a system to reduce injuries and keep our athletes in the game!


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